Adoptable Cats and Kittens


Tabby gets adopted by local coupleCats and kittens rescued from the streets are taken into PALS foster care. We socialize them and then find them forever indoor homes. They are all vaccinated, tested for FeLV and spayed or neutered when they are old enough.

Adoption Guidelines

The adopter must to agree to the following:

  1. PALS does not adopt cats or kittens as gifts or to live with anyone other than the applicant.
  2. The cat is to live in an indoor private residence as a companion animal.
  3. The adopter agrees to provide the cat with sufficient quantities of nutritious food and fresh water each day.
  4. The adopter agrees to never have the cat de-clawed.
  5. The adopter agrees to pay an adoption fee of $45. Note: PALS does offer monthly specials, be sure to ask!
  6. Neutering is required by five months of age. If the cat is not neutered prior to adoption, the adopter agrees to bring the cat to PALS clinic (appointment required) as soon as it reaches 3 pounds (minimum weight requirement to neuter) and no later than 5 months.
  7. Alternatively, the adopter may choose a different vet to get the cat neutered and vaccinated, but proof of surgery must be mailed/ e-mailed to PALS within 30 days of the procedure.
  8. If the cat must be relinquished by the adopter for any reason, the adopter must return the cat to PALS.
  9. The adopter agrees to maintain the good health of the cat with proper veterinary care throughout the life of the cat. Any illness or injury must be treated by a licensed veterinarian without delay.

The first step to adopting from PALS is to fill out our application. Please complete our online adoption application or stop by our next adoption day. Once your application is approved and you are matched with your special kitten or cat, you will sign a contract and take your new best friend home!

Please note: PALS is NOT a shelter or rescue. We help with homeless pets, pets with homeless people, low income families, and pets with senior families in Hays County. We help feral cat colonies with food and spay/neuter. Adoptable cats and kittens of those colonies are put in foster homes and found forever, indoor homes.


Through the years, a group of volunteers united to help free-roaming cats and formed TNRM-San Marcos. Their mission to reduce euthanasia of homeless cats brought them together with Pet Prevent a Litter (PALS) of Central Texas in 2008 this union resulted in the formation of PALS TNRM. PALS endorses TNRM, and supports volunteers in TNRM efforts through training and technical support, advocacy and community outreach.Sometimes, cats (usually kittens) rescued from the streets can be tamed and adopted. As soon as the kittens cats are healthy, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and socialized they are available for adoption.


A Word from Our Clients

  • I am so grateful to PALS for allowing me to have my dogs spayed. Thanks so much for this great program!

  • Your help has given my dogs and I the opportunity to have them spayed with no more worries or stress and allows us to help make a difference. Thank you, PALS!

  • Thank you so much. We had a pregnant cat adopt us and we were able to get her and her kittens fixed because of you.

  • Now my dog is able to calmly live her life, without being in heat. She still has a rambunctious personality, but she doesn't try to slip out the door to find a mate.

  • When we moved here, we were surprised to find so many wilds cats living in San Marcos. As I’ve increasingly tried to help – by catching kittens and their moms and finding homes for them – PALS has been a tremendous help. They have helped me learn about trapping, pay for spaying and neutering, and fostering kittens. Together with PALS I was able to trap and find homes for 13 kittens last year.

  • Thank you for all that you do, and for the services PALS offers. Prevention is paramount in the quest to lessen the number of strays on the streets. Without the voucher I would not have been able to pay for the blood test in addition to the surgery. Thank you again.

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